G100: Mission Million

Written by asha

I’m truly humbled and grateful to share that I’ve been nominated as the G100: Mission Million Country Chair the Netherlands 🇳🇱  – Holistic Wellbeing Wing by thought leader, philanthropist, author, humanitarian, spiritual seeker and compelling speaker Dr. Harbeen Arora Rai 🙏🏽

More gratitude goes to Marvy Rieder, Global Chair of the Holistic Wellbeing Wing for welcoming me into her global team of strong Female Leaders, and for introducing me to G100.  Thank you beautiful lady! 🙏🏽

I am excited to begin establishing a network of leaders to further the G100 Mission and Vision.

✨ Want to be part of our journey and broaden your Holistic Wellbeing Network? Comment your name below and specify if you’re interested in leading as a City Chair in the Netherlands or as a Country Chair.

G100: Mission Million is an influential group of 100 women leaders from across the world, in 100 wings and sectors, supported by G100 eminent He for She champions, and 100 country clubs in each wing for powerful advocacy, awareness & impact across governments and global organisations for a gender equal future in this decade.

G100 comprises a league of luminaries of eminence and excellence including Nobel Laureates, Heads of States, Ministers, Businesswomen, Philanthropists, Investors, Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Corporate and Community Leaders – A powerful Group of women leaders and achievers from all walks of life who wish to give back and move us all forward as architects of the future.

✨ Together, we make the change!